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August Food of the month: Apples

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

August Food of the Month: Apples

DNA analysis suggests that apples originated high in the mountains of Kazakhstan - but they wouldn’t stay there long. Apples are a favorite treat all over the world. Apples are known for their bright colors, crispy texture, and range of flavors. You can find yourself with a sour and tart apple or teeth deep in a sugary sweet apple. No matter the flavor, you’re making the right decision when you bite into an apple. These cute fruits are loaded with vitamins and fiber. If you’re looking to up your vitamin c and potassium intake, apples are a great (and filling!) solution. Try slicing up a sour apple and scooping up some freshly ground peanut butter. The flavors work really well together and it’s fun to eat!

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